Sold As Seen now at Drapers!

We’ve had a large influx of second hand since we first opened in 1975 with our Classic Room being chock-a-block since when your grandad was buying airguns from us and Chris still rocked his moustache!

Now the time has come to put more of a price on these guns as we switch to a more online business so we thought we’d highlight a few things about our classic and sold as seen guns.

What Does Sold As Seen Mean?

Well to put it simply sold as seen means that the guns have only gone through the most basic of testing. We make sure they shoot and mark down the rough power they are shooting at to make sure they aren't illegal and we put a price on them. Simple as. This does mean that these guns Do Not Have Any Warranty nor we will do any tuning or work to them this is because they’ve already gone through our workshop once and have been deemed either not worth a repair or too expensive to offer any warranty on due to part scarcity.

How will I know what the gun is like?

The best thing to do if you are unsure about any of our sold as seen is call 0115 970 2525 this will allow you to speak to one of our very helpful staff members who will be more than happy to talk you through every part of the gun your interested in we will try our very best to highlight any issues with the guns and also point out the ones that are working well to make sure you get a good deal as the cost of living goes up. Remember just because it’s Sold As Seen doesn't mean it’s bad!

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